Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Damage In Lilburn

When a fire damages your bathroom, you need a professional restoration company that is available 24/7 to assist you like SERVPRO. Our fire restoration specialists are the best in the industry and are IICRC certified. SERVPRO of North Lilburn has the training, equipment, and experience to restore your bathroom to pre-damage condition.

Fire Debris Needs a Cleanup--Lilburn

The flames caused fire damage to this Lilburn area property; not extensive and requiring move-out for the cleanup and restoration. SERVPRO can safely tear out the damaged materials and then work on smoke odor mitigation.

Fire Damage – Lilburn Home

Fire damage at this Lilburn home left a film of soot and smoke damage on the walls and ceilings throughout the house. SERVPRO of North Lilburn can wipe down the walls and ceilings with dry sponges to remove the mold damage. Any nail heads that have popped out due to the heat of the fire can be pounded back in and spackled.

Fire Damage – Lilburn Utility Room

Fire damage at this Lilburn apartment was the result of an electrical fire in the wiring of this water heater. The majority of the damage was soot and smoke related. We arranged for the wiring to be replaced by a licensed electrician and then cleaned up the walls with SERVPRO products and procedures.

Pleasant Hill Neglected Fire Damaged Property

The fire left this property in Pleasant Hill in pretty bad shape. The owners abandoned it to the bank which then called upon SERVPRO to remove the burnt and damaged rubble and begin to rebuild the structure.

Lilburn Bedroom Charred

The smoke damage was caused by a hot plate that was being used in this bedroom. Forgotten for several hours, the wet smoke from the oil and meat left a sooty deposit on not only the hard surfaces of the room but also the fabrics. Our Fire & Smoke Restoration techs managed to salvage most of the belongs. We used a fogger and ozone machine (the house was vacated) to remove the vestiges of smoke odor and hidden particulates.