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Flood Damage and Odors in Your Lilburn Home

7/3/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage and Odors in Your Lilburn Home Is flooding causing lingering odors in your home? Call SERVPRO to sestore your home today!

How the Containment of Microbes Is Crucial to Control Odors Caused by Flood Damage in Your Lilburn Residence 

The gutters that run from one side of your Lilburn home to the other direct the rain down to the ground via the downspouts after it falls onto your roof, protecting your home's exterior sides and the foundation. Your roof keeps storms from soaking your home from overhead.

When one of these, or something else, causes storm-related problems with a Lilburn home, flood damage can happen within only a few minutes. Drying and cleaning the affected locations make such a home habitable after a disaster, but odors can make doing so quite unpleasant. SERVPRO uses different ways to get rid of unwanted and offensive odors for our customers.

Odors generally come from airborne particles, and not just the presence of gases. Such particles show the breaking down of substances somewhere in the home. After a flood, your home contains multiple locations of odor-producers. Even though we eliminate as much of these substances as possible, odors can persist. Storms can force a wide variety of debris into your residence. Moisture that came from clean sources, including a broken water line, can also produce smells that you find distracting.

A diverse set of odor-causing sources requires that SERVPRO uses multiple methods to control such odors. As SERVPRO teams work on a home with any type of storm or flood damage, an air scrubber or two runs to clean the air of microscopic-sized particles. These can include odor-causing particles. We learn different methods while studying for certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Our Odor Control Technician (OCT) understands how important odors, or their absence, are to homeowners.

With contaminated water, many times odors come from microbes on surfaces. Wherever this happens, a disinfectant sprayed onto the area can kill both microbes and their odors.

For house-wide odor elimination, we use Ultra Low Volume foggers with pairing agents. These eliminate odor-causing particles. When the fog's chemicals bond with unwanted particles, they no longer cause odors.

Activated charcoal strips the air of odors and leaves a sweet scent behind. This method does not harm fabrics, and SERVPRO prefers using it over ozone generators, which have limitations on usage.

To help ensure our customer stays satisfied with our efforts, we install time-released beads that slowly waft a highly pleasant scent into the area. We use these as a final step to boost our earlier efforts.

SERVPRO of North Lilburn can make it all smell “Like it never even happened.” after a storm or flood. Damage to your home is not always visible. Contact us for help with water-borne smells and odors that you need eliminating. Our 24-hour service line is (770) 709-3266.

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How To Minimize The Water Damage In Your Lilburn Hotel

6/24/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial How To Minimize The Water Damage In Your Lilburn Hotel We're available no matter what time or day that you need us.

What You Can Do To Minimize Your Losses When A Room In Your Lilburn Hotel Suffers Water Damage

Owning a large scale enterprise based on renovations can be very rewarding, but there is always the chance that something like water damage can throw your business off. When water-based damages interrupt any business that you own, it is essential for you to get help as soon as possible. Promptly dealing with the problem is the key to a smooth and swift remediation process.

The water damage in your Lilburn hotel came from a very popular suite overlooking the trees in Bryson Park. A cracked pipe, which ran through the ceiling above the suite, allowed water to leak down the walls and onto the floor. The water then followed gravity downward and flowed directly into the room underneath the suite as well.

At SERVPRO, we understand this can be a stressful time for you as the owner of the business in question. You undoubtedly have to cancel renovations to one of your most profitable rooms, as well as an additional room beneath it. We know that canceling reservations means a loss of foot traffic and income for your establishment. For this reason, SERVPRO is available whenever you need us, and we always try to get to your property as swiftly as possible after your call.

SERVPRO can begin the brief investigation of the damage as soon as we reach your hotel, prepared with a van-full of advanced technology made with fighting water damage in mind. After our Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC)-certified technicians identify the problem areas, SERVPRO can make a remediation plan and immediately begin to address the damage.

SERVPRO can start by removing all of the standing water from the suite, using rover-mounted extractors and wet/dry vacuums. Afterward, we can focus on the areas that suffered the most damage and are not salvageable, such as sections of the drywall and the hardwood flooring. Once removed, SERVPRO can begin to use drying equipment, such as dehumidifiers, heaters, drying mats, and ventilation fans, to pull the excess moisture out of the suite. Meanwhile, another team can remediate the room directly below, following similar steps. Our main goal is to make it “Like it never even happened” as swiftly as possible.

If your business is hit suddenly with water damage, react swiftly. Dial (770) 709-3266 to get in contact with SERVPRO of North Lilburn. We're available no matter what time or day that you need us.

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How to Dry Your Lilburn Home After a Water Loss Event

6/20/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage How to Dry Your Lilburn Home After a Water Loss Event Water damages flooring and this flooring had to be removed after a pipe burst. SERVPRO has the know-how to dry your home.

What to Do Before SERVPRO Arrives for

Water damage is often both sudden and unexpected when it happens in a home. There are actions you can take to help minimize loss and stay safe before our technicians arrive. 

When SERVPRO takes a call to perform water removal in Lilburn homes, we determine the general scale of the damage from the caller and advise homeowners not to move wet materials such as area rugs as saturated items may be cumbersome. If homeowners want to blot or mop up excess water and it is safe to do, it can assist in lessening water loss. 

In the case of water dripping from ceilings, wiping away water from wood furniture and removing tabletop items to another area of the home can help prevent warping of the wood on a case by case basis. If upholstered furnishing received water, propping up the cushions, so all sides receive air before our technicians arrive increases the restoration potential. When ceilings show signs of damage from water, do not turn on light fixtures and double check ceiling fixtures to ensure the water has not collected within them. 

In the case of wet carpeting, wrap the legs of furniture legs with aluminum foil or place furnishings up on wooden blocks to create a barrier between the leg and the wet carpeting to avoid stains. To prevent transfer stains on damp carpeting, remove items such as magazines, books or printed plastic bags that have ink that stains. 

SERVPRO technicians arrive quickly to perform water extraction, and we use different kinds of equipment ranging from portable pumps with weighted extraction wands to push water out of carpeting. We always use wands on the initial pass because a carpet is 50% weaker when wet and aggressive pushing and movement has to potential to cause delamination of the carpeting. 

Contact SERVPRO of North Lilburn at (770) 709-3266 when you need water removal in your home. We have the equipment and training to handle any size home disaster and make your water loss "Like it never even happened." 

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If The Fabrics In Your Lilburn Home Are Damaged By A Fire, Let Our Experts Help!

6/4/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage If The Fabrics In Your Lilburn Home Are Damaged By A Fire, Let Our Experts Help! Call (770) 709-3266 at any time of the day and have your problem fixed.

How To Professionally Fix Fire-Damaged Fabrics In Your Lilburn Home

The fire damage restoration method we choose when attending to your property is determined by the type of fire your property experiences. Different types of combustion emit different kinds of chemicals, which means the composition of their odors and soot is entirely different. As an example, you cannot expect the smoke particles that results from burning wood to have the same composition as that of burning plastics. We have the experience of choosing the right cleaning method as we work to restore your Lilburn property.

If you spot some soot on your fabrics after your Lilburn home experiences fire damage, do not make a mistake of wiping or rubbing it away. Since smoke is oily, there are chances of grounding it into the fabric and causing permanent stains. We pre-test fabrics to make sure that the damage is not exacerbated during cleanup. Our SERVPRO technicians can also vacuum the affected couches, blankets, and drapes. During vacuuming, we hold the nozzle some considerable distance above the item and avoid upright vacuuming to prevent forcing the soot into the fabric.

After removing the soot from your clothing, we can further restore them by using a washing machine. We also have some techniques to restore the non-washable garments. By looking at the type of smoke particles resting on different surfaces, we can come up with a cleaning method to clean the floors, walls, and ceiling. Once cleaning is complete, we apply disinfectants on the areas to prevent possible mold growth.

Unpleasant odors usually result when materials burn. The smell can move around the structure and penetrate cracks and other inaccessible locations. We never use a fragrance as a final way of addressing the odor problem. They are only useful when we need to make the site pleasant for work. It is a mistake to mask unpleasant smells using perfumed sprays since they mask the odor for a while. The fragrance may also trigger a chemical reaction with the existent smell and lead to an exclusively new odor. In such instances, our SERVPRO technicians perform deodorization. We may perform thermal fogging, a deodorization technique that produces dry fog, which is characterized by small particles that penetrate hard to reach areas to neutralize the odor-causing particles.

SERVPRO of North Lilburn has been restoring both commercial and residential properties for years. The unique training we undergo, and the specialized equipment we use has made us industry leaders. Call (770) 709-3266 at any time of the day and have your problem fixed.

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Our Trained Specialists Are Available 24/7 To Restore Your Norcross Home

5/31/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Our Trained Specialists Are Available 24/7 To Restore Your Norcross Home Water damage occurred in this home when a water feed line to the refrigerator failed, we showed up right away and began restoration.

Water Damage Restoration in Your Norcross Home

A convenient feature on your refrigerator in your home in Norcross, your ice maker can also cause huge problems. If the water supply line cracks or another part of the device fails, you can have a hidden leak going on underneath your flooring for some time before you realize you have an issue. This kind of leak can cause damage to your drywall, flooring, subflooring, and basement ceiling.

It is smart to keep an eye on the water supply tubing of your ice maker regularly. If you’ve already experienced water damage in your Norcross home from your refrigerator ice maker, you need help right away to prevent additional damage. SERVPRO is a professional water damage remediation company. We have trained specialists who can correct the problem and restore the damaged areas in a timely fashion. In the end, you won’t even be able to tell that anything happened.

Checking your water supply line is something you can do yourself. Carefully pull your refrigerator away from the wall. Have help doing this for safety reasons and go slow. You have to sweep away all the accumulated dust bunnies. A small diameter copper or plastic tube should be clipped to the back of your fridge which runs vertically over the surface. This is the water supply line to your ice maker. A vacuum can be used to remove the dust around the tube, and you can vacuum dust from all of the vents as well.

Inspect the tube carefully and check for signs of water on the floor. If there are any signs of stress or wear, or the tubing is more than ten years old, you should replace it with a new tube. Preferably, a flexible stainless-steel tube should be used instead of plastic, as it is much sturdier. Just like the water supply hose to your washing machine, these lines can leak or burst and create all kinds of damage before you even see the problem.

One part of the restoration process that SERVPRO staff performs is deodorization. The first step to this is getting rid of the moisture in the affected area. For some jobs, we need to use various methods of deodorization because one deodorant might not work on every odor present. We have specific production guidelines for the three primary deodorization process, which include wet fogging, dry fogging, and activated oxygen. A venting, high-velocity box fan is also used before and after the deodorization process to ventilate your structure. Using one shortens the amount of time you and your family need to be out of the area.

SERVPRO of North Lilburn can make quick work of the water damage in your home in Lilburn, Pleasant Hill, or the surrounding areas after an ice machine leak. Just give us a call at (770) as 709-3266 soon as you realize there is an issue, and we can have it all cleaned up in no time.

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Our Team Is Prepared To Handle Your Lilburn Water Damage Restoration

5/17/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Our Team Is Prepared To Handle Your Lilburn Water Damage Restoration Homeowners need a professional water damage restoration company they can count on in a hurry. We are prepared with the necessary equipment.

Second Floor Water Damage in Your Lilburn Home

Water loss incidents that affect your Lilburn home might not always start in the places you might expect, and when plumbing breaks or toilets overflow on the second floor of your residence, these effects can spread quickly throughout the property. Without the proper containment and mitigation of this situation, these damages can spread far beyond the source to saturate through floors and ceilings, into walls, and even irreparably damage contents within the house.

From the time that water damage emergencies begin in your Lilburn house, steps must get taken to get qualified responders there quickly to begin addressing these concerns. With plumbing ruptures and clean water overflows in bathrooms on the second floor, the higher volume of excess water often spreads out of this room beyond the water-resistant flooring and materials. In carpeted hallways, pooling water has a much easier path to penetrate floors, and eventually through the ceiling of the main level of the house.

Our SERVPRO team must contain the spread of water throughout your residence immediately upon our arrival, as the less widespread these effects can become, the less restoration work that your property ultimately needs. In most situations, air movers and dehumidification units can help to slow or even stop the progress of spreading saturation and moisture throughout the property. These pieces of equipment can also help to remove and restore damages in accessible areas of the house.

The Inject-Dry System is a minimally invasive approach to address saturation and dampness in ceiling spaces, flooring, and wall cavities. Where it gets believed that affected materials can get preserved and not removed and replaced, this approach can ensure that the moisture content drops well below acceptable parameters to prevent secondary effects like mold growth from occurring.

Second-floor water loss incidents can spread far beyond the source of the water damage and affect many areas of your house simultaneously. Recovering from this loss event requires the expertise and equipment of our SERVPRO of North Lilburn team. Give us a call anytime at (770) 709-3266.

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Our Fast Response Will Restore Your Home In Lilburn To Pre-Damage Condition After A Flood

5/8/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Our Fast Response Will Restore Your Home In Lilburn To Pre-Damage Condition After A Flood When dealing with flood damage, SERVPRO of North Lilburn can assist you to extract the water and dry your property completely.

How To Get Fast Flood Damage Restoration For Your Lilburn Residence

Flooding is a common problem because of extreme weather and other factors caused by climate change. Increased urbanization adds impermeable surfaces like pavements and alters the natural drainage system. This leads to flooding when water from heavy rain overwhelms the stormwater drainage capacity of a city.

If your Lilburn home has flood damage, extracting the water and drying your property quickly and properly is imperative. Water damage can leave you with wet floors, walls, and a musky smell. Drying the floors, walls, furniture and other areas is a challenge, but a professional restoration company like SERVPRO can handle the situation to restore your home to its pre-flood damage condition. We can use submersible or truck mounted pumps to remove the water. We can then use equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers to dry your home.

It often takes several days for a home to dry. Our technicians monitor the drying process to ensure that the equipment works properly, and the structure is drying. By keeping the drying equipment operating, we ensure that there is dry air and air movement required to dry a house.

Flood water can pick up sewage and hazardous chemicals, creating an unhealthy environment. We categorize it as black water, which usually contains disease-causing agents like fungi, bacteria, parasites, and viruses. It can also cause mold spores to grow in your home within 24 to 48 hours. Our technicians are trained to clean and remove biohazardous substances from homes and dispose of them properly while abiding by OSHA regulations. We are equipped with the right cleaning products and personal protective gear like full body suits, full face masks, and rubber or latex gloves to handle bio-hazardous substances. We can disinfect the affected areas to eliminate health hazards.

At SERVPRO, we make the restoration process easier by mitigating the damage and rebuilding the affected areas. This can reduce your entire cost and save time. We offer several services intended to restore a home to its preloss condition, including removing and replacing drywall, repairing hardwood or tile flooring and painting.

When dealing with flood damage, SERVPRO of North Lilburn can assist you to extract the water and dry your property completely. You can contact us at (770) 709-3266 anytime for restoration services. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Call Our Crew After A Fire Has Damaged Your Lilburn Home

4/23/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Call Our Crew After A Fire Has Damaged Your Lilburn Home Instead of stressing over the damage, give us a call at (770) 709-3266 and let us handle everything for you.

Fire Damage Restoration And Move Outs In Your Lilburn Home

At any time, fires from a failed appliance are a devastating disaster for your Lilburn home. Recovering and cleaning up after a fire can leave you feeling lost and unsure of what to do next. However, the longer you hesitate, the more damage is done to your property by the settled soot and smoke. The acidity in these particles continues to damage your structure and possessions until it is cleaned up.

Whether the fire damage in your Lilburn home resulted from a microwave, outdated wiring, or a dryer vent, you need professional help from a remediation company. Our staff at SERVPRO understand that this is a traumatic event for you and your family, and we work efficiently and tirelessly to ensure you a cleanup process that is less stressful for you.

Dryers are one of those appliances that you can set it and then walk away. However, it is not a good idea to ever turn your dryer on and then leave home. A buildup of lint is a widespread cause for fires being ignited in your dryer. Cleaning out the lint from the trap each time you use the machine is a must, plus you need to clean out the vent regularly as well.

During the restoration process, SERVPRO staff take some of your possessions to be stored and then cleaned. After cleaning is done, contents are stored again until the repair and restoration of your home are finished. There are things we keep in mind when storing your contents, including allowing aisles so we can easily access your items. Also, contaminated, dirty boxes are kept in a separate area from items which have been cleaned to avoid them being soiled again. All items are also tagged and sorted separately from boxed contents.

Even though a majority of storage areas give limited access, valuable items and electronics are stored in a separate secure locked area that requires a sign-in sheet to get access. We do not use plastic to cover your furniture, as high humidity can result in condensation underneath the plastic, affect any finishes or varnish. In hot weather, the plastic covers can stick to furniture and bond with the varnish.

Microwaves can also begin a fire in your home when the food in it overheats, inappropriate items are put in the microwave to heat, routine maintenance and cleaning hasn’t been performed, or the wiring is faulty. Your regular oven, overloaded circuits, and old wires can also be fire hazards. Be sure to monitor all these items in your home and replace any old or faulty wires.

SERVPRO of North Lilburn can come to the rescue and restore your home in Pleasant Hill, Lilburn, or the surrounding areas after a fire. Instead of stressing over the damage, give us a call at (770) 709-3266 and let us handle everything for you.

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If Your Lilburn Home Requires Professional Fire Damage Services, Our Crew Can Help!

4/16/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage If Your Lilburn Home Requires Professional Fire Damage Services, Our Crew Can Help! Give us a call today at (770) 709-3266 to restore your home to its preloss condition.

Appliance-Related Fire Damage In A Lilburn Home

The last thing anyone expects to discover in their bathroom is fire. When the heating element on your hair dryer malfunctions, however, it can create hard-to-clean fire damage on your walls and bathroom fixtures, not to mention odors from overheated electronics and other heat-exposed objects. It can be overwhelming to consider having to clean up all of the soot and odor on your own.

When you encounter accidental fire damage in your Lilburn rental home, SERVPRO technicians are ready to come to your property within hours to mitigate damage, clean up soot, and eliminate foul odors from burnt particles in your bathroom.

Dry soot is much easier to clean than its wet counterpart, and in a humid area such as a bathroom after a shower poses unique challenges in the cleanup process. Heat combines with moisture and condensation to cause tough-to-clean stains that require more than dry soot cleanup often requires. A variety of cleaning techniques may be used to mitigate tough stains, films from burnt residue, and other forms of heat damage before deodorizing can take place. Bathroom vents can be cleaned to prevent the spread of odors, generally by knocking soot out of place and vacuuming it up. HEPA air scrubbers with filters that can catch particles as small as 0.3 microns may also be used to decontaminate air and kill odors.

One method of deodorization, among multiple techniques that may be used to eliminate odors in your home, is thermal fogging, a dry deodorization method that releases a smoke-like dry fog that interacts directly with odor-causing particles to eliminate odor. The droplets that release this fog are roughly 0.5 microns in size and highly effective in removing odors from fire damage. Industrial ventilation box fans used after deodorizing can quickly ventilate a home, especially after thermal fogging, which requires air to be exchanged 40 times to ensure removal of residues and vapors.

SERVPRO of North Lilburn is ready to aid you when you need disaster cleanup in your home. Give us a call today at (770) 709-3266 to restore your home to its preloss condition.

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Want to Step Up Your Flood Damage Remediation Process in Lilburn? You Need to Read This First

4/14/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Want to Step Up Your Flood Damage Remediation Process in Lilburn? You Need to Read This First Make sure that your business stays open after flood damage by contacting SERVPRO right away for remediation services.

Drying your Property Quickly after Commercial Flood Damage in Lilburn

A natural weather event can cause extensive flooding in your place of work. As a property manager ensuring that these damages are dealt with efficiently is your responsibility. Often, loose debris, wet floors, and fittings can become a safety hazard to your staff or customers. We offer honest, professional assistance to commercial property managers to help them get their business back on track after property damages.

The central tenet of our commercial flood damage in Lilburn service is to communicate and respond quickly. Crew chiefs here at SERVPRO are professionally qualified to remediate properties with water repair technician certificates and applied structural drying certificates awarded by the IICRC. Each crew chief heads a team of servicemen who can act quickly to remove moisture and sanitize the affected area.

In the event of a natural weather event, debris is not uncommon in the property. Windows can be smashed; hard wooden flooring begins to warp or buckle as well as loose branches or other forms of debris. We can act quickly for the removal and disposal of loose waste. In many cases, we can restore the structural components of the property by using proper drying techniques.

The first step is to remove any items that may obstruct the job site or the equipment we are using. After that, we can bring in submersible gas-powered pumping equipment to remove standing water and deposit it into an open sewer point. Excess quantities of water naturally migrate into drier areas so by starting from the source and working outwards we can assess the entire property accurately.

Once the majority of water is taken care of, our next step is to bring in water extraction units, rapid air movers and dehumidifiers. Extractors are much more efficient than other types of removal equipment without being unnecessarily harsh on wet fabrics or upholstery. On the other hand, rapid air movers in combination with dehumidifiers can help to draw moisture from hard floors made from concrete or wood.

Getting the property dry is the quickest way to getting your business back to work, contact SERVPRO of North Lilburn at (770) 709-3266 today.

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