Commercial Photo Gallery

Commercial Water Damage – Lilburn Office

Commercial water damage in this Lilburn office storage room required immediate water cleanup and partial demolition to keep the office running. SERVPRO of North Lilburn industry certified technicians can provide this service with minimal disruption to the workflow of the office.

Water Damage to Ceilings—Lilburn

The sprinkler system in this Lilburn school leaked causing damage to the ceiling. SERVPRO can remove and discard the soaked ceiling tiles and inject warm flowing air into the above space to dry and also prevent the growth of mold.

Lilburn School Flooding

Broken pipes flood hallways, classrooms, and administrative areas with pooling water that disrupts the normal activities in a Lilburn school or other enterprise. SERVPRO can work, day or night, to remove the standing water and restore the flooded zone to its preloss condition.

Lilburn Commercial Help

Flooding to commercial buildings requires heavy-duty equipment backed by the expertise of large loss companies like SERVPRO. Pictured is a trailer-mounted desiccant dehumidifier used to extract vast amounts of water vapor from structures. Strategically placed Disaster Recovery Teams provide relief to large-loss events.

Commercial Water Damage – Lilburn

Commercial water damage in Lilburn can require a large amount of equipment and the technicians to place and operate that equipment. SERVPRO of North Lilburn has both ready on a moments notice.

Storm Damage to a Retail Store in Lilburn

The storm wrecked the flat roof and ceiling of this retail store in Lilburn. After completing the demolition, we started the drying process. We also covered much of the floor merchandise to limit the exposure to dripping water and moisture. Our applied structural drying technicians have the skills and equipment to complete any difficult water damaging task.

Norcross Commercial Water Intrusion

The main water line sprung a leak in this Norcross warehouse and until in was shut off significant water pooling was the result. Fortunately, all the stored products were elevated on pallets, so there was no commercial loss. By swiftly pumping out the water and placing dehumidifiers to lower the moisture levels, SERVPRO technicians  prevented secondary water damage from happening.