Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Water Damage – Lilburn Home

Water damage occurred at this Lilburn home when a water feed line to the refrigerator failed during a weekend when the homeowners were away. As you might expect, when the family returned home, there was water everywhere. The homeowners needed a professional water damage restoration company like SERVPRO of North Lilburn. We could handle the water cleanup and dry all of the affected areas. We would make it “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage – Lilburn Office Building

Water damage at this Lilburn office building was the result of a roof leak developing. The leaking roof led to a buildup of water in the insulation in the ceiling. The insulation became so heavy that it forced drop ceiling panels to the floor. SERVPRO of North Lilburn could handle all the water damage cleanup involved with this water damage event.

Pleasant Hill Smoke Damage Restoration

Luckily, if this homeowner in Pleasant Hill calls SERVPRO to remove a sooty, odorous mess from her home, the job can be completed quickly, "Like it never even happened." Our techs utilize specially formulated cleaning products and always pre-test before tackling the task. With care, this will not need a refinish. Count on SERVPRO, every time.

Fire Damage – Pleasant Hill Kitchen

Fire damage at this Pleasant Hill home was the result of a roast in the oven catching fire. It created quite a mess and produced that foul smelling odor that fires leave behind. SERVPRO of North Lilburn would be able to respond immediately to a fire damage incident such as this as we routinely offer 24/7 emergency service. We would clean up all the debris caused by the fire and set up a hydroxyl generator to neutralize the telltale odor left by the fire.

Storm Damage – Lilburn

Storm Damage Restoration many times requires temporary power to run all of the high technology equipment used by SERVPRO of North Lilburn. Pictured here is a massive portable commercial generator. When power is out SERVPRO of North Lilburn brings their own.

Fire Damage – Norcross Kitchen

Fire damage was the result of a grease fire in this Norcross Kitchen. These fires generate tremendous heat. The ceiling damage is evidence of that fact. The doors on the cabinets have been removed and transported to SERVPRO of North Lilburn’s facility for soot and smoke damage restoration.