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Mold Damage Spreads Easily within Pleasant Hill Homes

7/9/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Says Eliminate Moisture to Help Control Mold Infestations in the Pleasant Hill Area

Spores Are Everywhere, Call SERVPRO When Mold Remediation Is Needed

Microbes outnumber humans on our planet and come in many different varieties. Mold and mildew exist in our Pleasant Hill homes and rarely become a nuisance. Small imbalances in a house's interior environment can seem insignificant to occupants, but these microbes take increased moisture as an invitation to begin growing wildly.
Property owners around Pleasant Hill might notice mold damage on walls, floors, and ceilings near or in bathrooms and kitchens, but microbes can damage any area in a home. This issue often happens merely because water vapor travels so quickly in the air, and typically ends up in the same places spores get carried. The combination of the two makes it exceptionally easy for microbial activity to surge.
Microbes also thrive better in areas where little sunlight reaches. Also, while spores travel on drafts, more powerful gusts of air can make it more difficult for mildew and mold to attach well enough to surfaces. Behind large pieces of furniture, like cabinets and wardrobes, air flow patterns can slow down, depositing cellulose-rich dust, microbes, and water vapor all in the same place. Similarly, the floor under furniture and larger appliances can harbor microbial infestations. Regardless of where you find them in your residence, SERVPRO technicians efficiently remediate all types of mold damage.
We also locate other areas that might suffer from mold damage by using our moisture-detection equipment. This works well because mold and other microbes find it immensely challenging to grow in arid environments. Finding an area containing elevated moisture can lead us to hidden mold, which SERVPRO technicians can then remove from your house. Infrared imaging indicates cooler areas within wall cavities and voids which may indicate a higher moisture content. Most molds do not have a distinct musty smell given off and can allow fungi to remain hidden and undetected, able to continue growing and damaging your home.
SERVPRO of North Lilburn's dedicated professionals quickly remediate homes suffering from mold damage and help prevent its recurrence. If you notice signs of mold taking over your residence, call our 24-hour emergency service line at (770) 709-3266. Answered 365 days a year, you can always contact us for the services your home needs.

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