Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Flood Damage In Pleasant Hill

Call our experts right away after a flood causes damage to your Pleasant Hill home. Our fast response will limit mold growth and prevent further damage. Our cre... READ MORE

Pleasant Hill Storm Damage to House

The problem with stormwater entry into private homes in the Pleasant Hill area is often the contaminants that are carried in with the flow. Often chemicals, pes... READ MORE

Wind and Rainstorm Water Generate Damage--Lilburn

Strong winds, coupled with driving rain, can create a lot of havoc in a Lilburn structure. The roof, torn open needs a fast fix to prevent further soaking from ... READ MORE

Storm, Black Water, and Restoration in Pleasant Hill

Not only do stormwaters physically damage building materials within a house, but the contaminated water must be dealt with safely and quickly. Debris, chemicals... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Lilburn Office Building

Storm damage to this Lilburn office building resulted when high winds accompanying a severe thunderstorm breached the roof of the building allowing rainwater to... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Lilburn Warehouse

Storm Damage flooded this large North Lilburn warehouse. The merchandise was primarily stacked on pallets, so it was temporarily safe. But, the water needed to ... READ MORE

Storm Damage - Montgomery Emergency Response Team

The Montgomery-based SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team is ready on a moments notice if a significant storm damage event strikes. The Disaster Response Teams keep S... READ MORE