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How to Act Before and After a Fire Damage Incident in Your Lilburn Property

2/20/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How to Act Before and After a Fire Damage Incident in Your Lilburn Property SERVPRO is here to help restore your home after fire damage "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Offers Fast and Efficient Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage incidents are destructive and frightening. What you have worked hard for can be entirely consumed in a matter of minutes. Despite their severity, there are still some Lilburn residents who underestimate house fires - particularly smaller fires. Irrespective of its size, you should expect more damage beyond the burning. As an example, windows, boilers, and pipes can burst after the incident leaving you with extensive damage.

Doing everything you can as a resident of Lilburn to avoid fire damage is so important. We know not everyone has the skills and experience to do so and therefore advise you to work with an IICRC certified company like SERVPRO. Our team can inspect your heating systems and chimneys for faults, and any mistakes that are likely to cause a fire. Why wait for a disaster when you can do something to prevent it in the first place?

Our main goal is to make your home habitable after the fire by using specialized equipment and procedures to do the restoration. Through deodorization, SERVPRO technicians clean the soot and sterilize areas to reduce the chances of mold growth. Our team wears the right protective gear because we understand the importance of observing safety precautions when working in hazardous situations.

Call professionals as soon as you can to mitigate the damage and ensure you salvage as many of your contents as possible. Remember, you should never ignore issues like mold and water damage. We can stop any water that is leaking from burst pipes, extract water from your property using truck-mounted or portable extractors, and do the cleaning. We also dry your property, perform deodorization, as well as dehumidification.

SERVPRO of North Lilburn is an experienced industry leader in storm, mold, fire and water damage restoration. Call us at (770) 709-3266 when you need immediate commercial and residential services.

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The Importance Of Reducing Humidity During Mitigation Of Flood Damage In Lilburn Dwellings

2/15/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage The Importance Of Reducing Humidity During Mitigation Of Flood Damage In Lilburn Dwellings After a flood in Lilburn, moisture becomes prevalent throughout the structure.

Mitigation Of Flood Damage

After a flood in Lilburn, moisture becomes prevalent throughout the structure. Saturation of many materials means persistently humid air becomes the new norm. However, these conditions can spell disastrous consequences for both the home and the contents inside.

Homeowners in Lilburn often notice flood damage brings intense increases in the humidity levels inside their home. After pumping out any standing water and drying out a majority of water-logged furnishings, humidity can still make its presence known. Making breathing more difficult, in addition to its ability to help microbes thrive, our certified technicians can reduce the moisture in the air back to reasonable amounts.

While it may seem as if the work required to make your home "Like it never even happened." might remain ongoing forever, each step we take fulfills a different requirement. Flooding forces many different problems onto the homes impacted by such events. Flooding, able to happen from both invasive water traveling over the ground and also from rain and snow coming in through a damaged roof, can damage any part of your home it comes into contact with, and also any area susceptible to damage from moisture. Because of this, we take the presence of elevated moisture seriously.

To combat it efficiently, we use different kinds of equipment. We use moisture readers to determine the exact amount of moisture. Walls might seem dry to the touch while still retaining water. This moisture slowly evaporates into the air and then moves around your home. Water does not disappear into nothingness. Just like in the outside world, water constantly and continually moves from one area to another one.

To remove the moisture, desiccant machines and dehumidifiers work quite well. These can remove significant amounts of hidden moisture that, if left in the home, can damage belongings and cause problems for months or even years. To help make sure we captured all unwanted moisture, we use thermal imaging devices that detect changes in walls and other surfaces.

SERVPRO of North Lilburn hires professionals dedicated to helping other people residing in our community. Certified by the IICRC, our technicians and specialists gain experience that complements their extensive training. We can help your family recover after both large and small flood damage events. Our 24-hour service number, (770) 709-3266, is answered 365 days a year, ensuring you can always reach us.

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Commercial Water Damage In Your Lilburn Market From Burst Pipes

1/29/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Damage In Your Lilburn Market From Burst Pipes We also take steps to prevent the growth of mildew and mold.

Commercial Water Damage

You can experience a flood suddenly in your Lilburn market from pipes which are broken. If not dealt with quickly and accurately, the damage can create a significant interruption to operations and services. It can even create mold growth and pose a severe threat to the building itself and the contents inside. The result can be repairs and replacement which are very costly.

An immediate response is the key to commercial water damage in your Lilburn business. SERVPRO can quickly help you get your business back up and running. Our crew is professionally trained to handle all kinds of water damage and to do it in a timely fashion.

Our first job is to get to your business quickly and immediately begin the assessment. We can work directly with your insurance adjuster to determine the cost of water mitigation. We perform a total assessment and give you a line item cost estimate which details all the materials and labor that are necessary to entirely restore your commercial property.

We then begin water extraction procedures right away. We have water pumps and water extractors to remove any standing water, plus dehumidifiers, industrial fans and air-movers to complete the drying process. We ensure that the entire affected area is dry including walls, floors, ceilings, and carpeting.

We also take steps to prevent the growth of mildew and mold. The entire area is disinfected with special microbial cleaners. Any machinery, furniture, personal belongings, and other movable items which were damaged by the water are taken to an offsite location for thorough cleaning. They are taken apart if necessary, dried, cleaned, and then put back together in top running order. Our goal is always to restore when we can rather than replace.

If needed, we work with contractors to restore any damaged walls, flooring, paint, woodwork, ceilings, and other interior and exterior structural elements.

SERVPRO of North Lilburn wants to make sure your business in Lilburn, Pleasant Hill, and the surrounding areas can be up and running again as quickly as possible after a water damage emergency. Get in touch with us at (770) 709-3266 as soon as you realize there is a problem.

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Lilburn's Flood Damage Services

1/26/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Lilburn's Flood Damage Services At SERVPRO of North Lilburn, we say no to storm damage!

Are You Familiar With SERVPRO's Flood Damage Services in Lilburn?

In the past year or so, storms have been striking all over the country. When a storm blows into Lilburn, you might as well plan on the area receiving powerful winds and tons of moisture. Every type of storm brings about the deadly combination of intense winds and rain.

Whether it is a hurricane, tornado, or extreme thunderstorm, properties are at risk of damage from the excessive wind and rain they cause. If a storm blows through your neighborhood and you think your house was damaged, call SERVPRO's flood damage crew in Lilburn. There are several ways a violent storm can cause damage to your house.

Many times a severe storm causes flooding. When the streets get flooded, water can get into your home. If your house gets flooded, immediate attention from a professional company like SERVPRO is essential.

Even if flooding does not exist, a vicious storm can still ruin parts of your home. For example, high-speed winds can cause airborne objects to fly into your home and damage things. If a rock hits your window and breaks it, in many cases, more damage happens other than the broken window. It is a possibility that if a window breaks, rainwater ends up pouring into your home.

Depending on how long the rain pours into the broken window, the water can damage some things inside your home. Whenever dealing with rainwater inside a structure, specialized procedures are taken. Since the water affecting your house is coming from the outside, it is considered grey water or category two water damage scenario. Many times when "grey water" gets inside a dwelling, porous materials such as carpet and drywall get ruined.

Many times when rainwater soaks into carpet and drywall, drying does not save the materials. In this situation, our water damage specialists remove the carpet, pad, and drywall stripping the area down to studs and floorboards. After those materials get removed, the area gets dried so that moisture levels in the wood are low enough so that mold does not grow. Once dry, the area gets sprayed with an industry-specific chemical, then coated with a sealant paint.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Any damage due to rainwater must be taken seriously. If a storm causes rainwater to get into your home call SERVPRO of North Lilburn at (770) 709-3266, for 24/7 assistance.

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Fire Damage In Your Lilburn Residence From Your Microwave Oven

1/16/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage In Your Lilburn Residence From Your Microwave Oven Microwave fires can quickly cause a great deal of fire damage in your Lilburn kitchen.

Fire Damage From Your Microwave Oven

Every day, microwave ovens are used in Lilburn and can be convenient for heating many different foods quickly when used safely. If you are not careful about microwave safety, however, these appliances can become a potential fire hazard. Using only the microwave-safe utensils, not leaving your oven unattended while making popcorn, and refraining from using any dishes that contain metal helps to keep you safe and your microwave is working correctly.

Microwave fires can quickly cause a great deal of fire damage in your Lilburn kitchen. Smoke, soot, and water damage can continue to do damage to your home after the fire are out, so it is essential that you contact our professionals at SERVPRO as soon as possible. We can stop further damage from occurring and repair your home in a timely manner.

We perform various restoration services after a fire. The purpose of mitigation is to secure your home and stop further damage. It can include boarding up openings to secure your structure and establishing a temporary source of electricity. We also need to perform emergency drying services to stop secondary water damage from firefighting efforts.

Our techs remove residues from smoke and deodorize odors residues put out. SERVPRO keeps you informed as to what we can clean and what we cannot. Anything that does not respond to cleaning requires repair or replacement.

Your personal property has to be cleaned of smoke residues as well. Sometimes, contents can be cleaned on site, while other times we pack up anything that is salvageable and move it to a different location for cleaning and storage. We usually subcontract specific jobs such as dry cleaning of clothing, cleaning of electronics, furniture refinishing, and cleaning of any expensive artwork.

In some situations, structural components could be damaged beyond the point of being restorable. The work of reconstructing and repairing could require additional skills, so that is when we work with a licensed general contractor to get your home back to preloss condition.

SERVPRO of North Lilburn works with you to get your home in Pleasant Hill, Lilburn, and the surrounding areas back in order, whether that means we can do all the work ourselves, or we need the assistance of other professionals. Call us as soon as you can at (770) 709-3266 for assistance in cleaning up after a fire.

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Water Damage from Toilet Overflow in Your Pleasant Hill Home

1/5/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage from Toilet Overflow in Your Pleasant Hill Home When facing the aftermath of an overflowing toilet, your best bet is to call our water damage restoration team at SERVPRO. Call right away.

SERVPRO Technicians Safely Deal With Possible Biohazard Containing Water Which Has Flooded Your Home

Of all the things that you have to worry about as a homeowner in Pleasant Hill, one of the worst is toilet overflows. Water intrusion in your home is bad enough, weakening wood, triggering the growth of mold, ruining carpets, and corroding metals. However, when the water is very unsanitary, the risks increase, and the damage potential is even higher.
If you are experiencing water flooding and water damage from your toilet, you need to contact our skilled workers at SERVPRO right away. We go beyond just removing the water from your Pleasant Hill home and shutting down the water flow at its source. We also provide complete overflow cleanup and restoration to get your home back to its state before the damage occurred.
Since a toilet overflow can mean sewer water, we are dealing with biohazards. Many of these are invisible to the naked eye and can be seen only through a microscope. Almost all biohazards can harm you if you are exposed to significant amounts of them.
SERVPRO techs realize that any water damage could have organisms which create a health threat to you and your family and our workers. Even when the water is clean, it can pose a problem if it has been left in the home for too long a time.
Excessive moisture and water make for an excellent environment for the growth of fungi, bacteria, and viruses. We treat sewage water as highly infectious waste material. They can contain a variety of infectious diseases, plus sewage can also emit methane gas and other sewer gasses that are harmful to breathe in. We follow all the proper safety precautions when dealing with these types of environments, and wear protective clothing and gear to prevent us from being harmed in any way while working to get your home safe for you and your family again. Such gear includes splash goggles, gloves, respirators, boots, and full body suits.
SERVPRO of North Lilburn takes safety seriously when working on any job. You can rest assured when you call us at (770) 709-3266 to help you clean up your home in Pleasant Hill, Lilburn, and the surrounding areas, that we do a job not only skillfully and thoroughly, but safely as well.

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Quick Thinking and Efficient Commercial Water Removal Can Save Your Pleasant Hill Bar

12/22/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Quick Thinking and Efficient Commercial Water Removal Can Save Your Pleasant Hill Bar Set up a plan with SERVPRO to recover from water damage at your restaurant or bar after an incident. Quick response is key to reducing downtime.

SERVPRO Technicians Arrive Equipped and Skilled to Dry Out Your Property

Accidental water damage can catch you off guard if you do not have a plan. Restaurants and bars are especially vulnerable to water damage, and when it inevitably happens, you need to act quickly and call in the professionals to get the damage under control.

SERVPRO offers quick and efficient commercial water removal services for your Pleasant Hill bar that you can count on at the time of your need. We have a team of IICRC certified technicians who have years of experience in managing any size disaster. That said, we have the best chance to help you restore your bar if you act quickly and call us as soon as possible. Here are some of the things you should do as soon as your establishment is hit with a water damage incident. 

  • Act fast

Immediate action is the key to minimize water damage. Pooled water can cause permanent damage to your furniture and other moisture sensitive things. So, the first thing to do is to call a professional water removing service that can get the water out as fast as possible. If the leaked water is not promptly removed, the situation can get worse, fast. SERVPRO technicians use equipment such as water extractors, pumps, and dehumidifiers to not only remove standing water but also any residual moisture. Our priority is to save and restore as much of your belongings as we can.  

  • Choose the right commercial water removal company

Choosing the right water removal company is as important as a quick action, if not more. You need a company that has enough experience in dealing with similar events, professional staff and IICRC certified technicians. With SERVPRO you get a professional water removal service that has a qualified staff, years of experience and expertise to get your bar up and running in no time.

Call SERVPRO of North Lilburn at (770) 709-3266 today to speak to one of our expert technicians. Remember, We are Faster To Any Size Disaster!

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How to Deal with Flood Damage to Your Lilburn Home

12/12/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How to Deal with Flood Damage to Your Lilburn Home When your flooding prevention efforts fail, SERVPRO is here to help restore your home.

SERPVRO Offers Rapid Response to Flood Damaged Homes

Floods have always been a part of Lilburn history. While many of the residents here have taken precautions to thwart invasive water from entering their home, there are times where these measures fail. The resulting damages could be overwhelming to see at first, especially if this is the first time it has ever happened to you.

Our SERVPRO technicians are always ready to handle any manner of flood damage to your Lilburn home. Understanding that your house and what you have inside of it are of the utmost importance to you is evident in the service that we provide every one of our clients. Our commitment to customer satisfaction begins with your phone call, where we will dispatch our professionals to your home quickly.

With flood damages, often the first step that our SERVPRO team will take is to stop the water coming into the house. Whether this is something like patching up existing holes in the foundation that are allowing water to penetrate the block or something even more invasive that permits high volumes of water to reach areas of your house. Stopping the water comes before any restoration efforts.

Our team will then get to work on removing the water from the area. Given that this usually means a significant amount, we commonly dispatch a pump truck with the technicians to your house. Truck mounted pumps are the fastest means of removing all of the pooled water. From here, our IICRC certified technicians use wet vacs for a more concise and concentrated water removal process.

Finally, we use air movers for drying out the saturated structural components and contents of the affected area. The process ensures that there is no lingering moisture, which could result in the growth of mold or allow for degradation of the structure. Our fast and thorough process will lessen any incurred expense not covered by insurance, and simultaneously prevents damage to contents that are irreplaceable.

Our rapid response team is always standing by for when you might need restoration services. You can call SERVPRO of North Lilburn anytime at (770) 709-3266.

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The Truth About DIY Mold Damage Removal In Your Pleasant Hill Residence

11/21/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation The Truth About DIY Mold Damage Removal In Your Pleasant Hill Residence At the first sign of mold in your Pleasant Hill home, you should be thinking about removal.

Mold Damage Removal

At the first sign of mold in your Pleasant Hill home, you should be thinking about removal. While it is no secret that the presence of mold can cause health effects, this is not something that is worth gambling on. Too often people are led to the misunderstanding that the presence of this fungus is removed easily through DIY methods you can discover with some quick research on the internet, but this just is not true.

There is a reason that mold damage to your Pleasant Hill home is nothing to do by yourself. Airborne spores can severely affect those in the area, agitated further by improper removal techniques. This real threat is why professionals like the Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians we employ are IICRC Certified. This certification ensures that each of our technicians is educated in all types of mold and the appropriate means of restoring the affected area.

The problem with attempting to remedy the problem yourself is three-fold. The first of these issues is the lack of knowledge about the best treatment plans for different variations of mold colonies on specific surfaces around your home. Not only could your internet researched method become more volatile and hazardous, but it also might not do anything at all.

The second branch of this to consider is the common misconception that eliminating the mold that you can see is eliminating the problem. The entire organism or hyphae can penetrate deep into the organic materials and surfaces that the colonies are growing on. While your plan could have removed some of the surface molds, it did not remove the entire colony that was thriving there.

The last consideration (and one that SERVPRO technicians hold as a principal element in mold remediation) is removing the moisture that allows mold to grow and thrive. Without this moisture being present, the mold spores that naturally occur in the air we breathe cannot seat themselves and grow into colonies in the first place.

You do not have to handle mold in your home alone. Our trained and certified team can remove the problem quickly and efficiently. Give SERVPRO of North Lilburn a call at (770) 709-3266.

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Removing Residues After Fire Damage in Your Catering Kitchen in Pleasant Hill

11/15/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Removing Residues After Fire Damage in Your Catering Kitchen in Pleasant Hill Pleasant Hill Commercial Kitchen Fires Get Cleanup from SERVPRO

SERVPRO Utilizes Methodologies and Products for Successful Post-Fire Cleanups to Businesses

When you own a professional catering kitchen, the number one hazard to your business is fire. It only takes one little spark to begin a fire which could result in a costly and even business-ending disaster. Excessive grease accumulation, poor housekeeping, or malfunctioning equipment are among the most common fire hazards for your Pleasant Hill kitchen.
A busy catering kitchen has so much going on at one time, and sometimes even when you are very careful in keeping your business running correctly, disaster strikes. When a fire has caused fire damage in Pleasant Hill, even if it was small, it puts a stop to your operations. You need help to get up and running again as soon as possible from the professional staff at SERVPRO, who act fast to come and help you with their expert equipment and knowledge.
When we are restoring smoke-damaged materials in your business, our goal is restoration to their preloss condition. We apply basic principles of cleaning to accomplish this.
First, we identify smoke residues by carefully inspecting your kitchen. We start near the source of the fire, and then we trace how far the smoke moved through the structure. We locate the different kinds of smoke residues next, as different ones can exist in the same environment. We select a cleaning method which effectively removes the kinds of residues present. Oily coatings need specific detergents to reduce the chances of smearing and staining.
SERVPRO techs identify the kind of surface next to figure out which cleaning methods and products are safe to use. We must be careful to preserve the surface or material being cleaned, and some materials might not be restorable since they cannot withstand the process of cleaning. Especially, softer, porous materials.
We then capture and remove residues. Smoke residues bond with the surfaces they come into contact with. We use dry and wet cleaning processes to release and carry residue particles away from the surface that is affected. Lastly, we dispose of the residues and cleaning waste properly.
At SERVPRO of North Lilburn, we understand how important it is to get your business up and running again as soon as possible. When you have an enterprise that experienced a fire in Pleasant Hill, Lilburn or the surrounding areas, call us right away at (770) 709-3266.

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