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Rapid Response to Your Flood Damaged Pleasant Hill Home

6/11/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Rapid Response to Your Flood Damaged Pleasant Hill Home When flooding occurs, drying out the property should be the first concern. Contact SERVPRO immediately for dry out and remediation services.

Team SERVPRO Takes Pride in Fast Arrival on the Scene and Efficient Service

Working to keep your home protected from natural disasters is something that started back when your Pleasant Hill home first got constructed. Over time, however, the integrity of these preventative measures begin to degrade and become less effective. While it does not always happen all at once, the house eventually loses a long-standing battle with the pressures of external water, and flooding ensues.

Regardless of whether or not the flood damages to your Pleasant Hill home only affected your lower levels or if you get threatened by flooding in your attic, the risks and damages associated with the incident are the same. Finding a way to overcome these harmful effects is an uphill battle if you go at it alone, but with the help of our SERVPRO professionals, the process can go more quickly and get done to high industry standards we follow.

Our team of technicians can arrive quickly at your home and get to work on what is necessary to remove the present water. If flooding is still occurring, our SERVPRO professionals can seal up smaller holes and penetration points using hydraulic cement. This application can eliminate the pressing threat of further damages from these vulnerable positions.

Extraction of the water is likely one of the most critical steps short of drying to overcoming the flood damage present in your home. This process often gets achieved by the use of portable pumps and wet-vacs with extraction wands. Drying follows this process and involves thoroughly assessing any present moisture and eliminating it. Often thermal imagery gets used to determine where moisture and dampness linger out of sight to make the drying efforts as thorough as possible.

Flooding is an unfortunate event that often affects multiple houses in your area at the same time. With choosing professional restoration services from our SERVPRO of North Lilburn professionals, you can rest assured that we respond quickly and work to overcome any obstacle between your current damage and the restoration of your house. Give us a call anytime you need us at (770) 709-3266.
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Tips and Fire Damage Restoration Services for Your Lilburn Home

6/10/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Tips and Fire Damage Restoration Services for Your Lilburn Home When fire strikes your Lilburn property, SERVPRO strikes back.

Learn About SERVPRO's Fire Restoration Tips & Services for Your Lilburn Property

Having a fire in your Lilburn home is a devastating experience for everyone in your family. Events like these can severely impact your decisions, actions, and reactions making it almost impossible under certain circumstances to determine the proper steps to take to recover fully. However, you are not alone.

The smoke and fire damage that you experience in your Lilburn area home can be a tricky thing to deal with on your own. While there are some actions that you can take to protect other members of your household and a few personal belongings, the restoration process itself requires the touch only a professional can provide.

Seeking a professional fire-damage restoration company, like SERVPRO, can give you the support and peace of mind needed to continue moving forward. We have fully-licensed professionals waiting in the wings with all the equipment, resources, and materials necessary to help you restore your family’s home to a quality pre-fire damage condition. Our professional technicians can make the entire restoration process easier and minimize fire damage suffered in your home.

While you are waiting for your SERVPRO professionals to arrive, you can help by limiting the foot traffic into and out of your fire damage home. By keeping everyone off your carpeting, vinyl, or wood flooring, as well as other surfaces such as desks, tables, and kitchen counters you can help your restoration technicians keep dirt, dust and smoke residues from embedding further into various materials found in your home. It is important to remember the damage to your home continues long after the flames are out.

Make sure that everyone in your home knows how to avoid electrical, gas, water, and environmental hazards that may exist on your property. Keeping your family safe and providing you with highly-trained restoration specialists is what SERVPRO is all about. We help you limit losses, avoid permanent damage, and prevent future problems.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Contact SERVPRO of North Lilburn for more information, we can help you regain control over your living environment and provide you with the services necessary to fully restore your home, today. (770) 709-3266

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Resolving The Effects of Mold Damage In Your Pleasant Hill Home

5/29/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Resolving The Effects of Mold Damage In Your Pleasant Hill Home Mold Mitigation Includes Moisture Control in Pleasant Hill Homes

For Pleasant Hill Homeowners, SERVPRO Explains and Executes Mold Remediation

Several threats pose a risk to your Pleasant Hill home all throughout its permanence. While many of these potential disasters can considerably threaten the structural integrity and the contents of your home, one of the often overlooked threats is mold and fungal growth. With just a couple of conditions to get met, mold can multiply throughout an affected area and continue to spread until the appropriate professional remediation tactics have gotten employed to remove the colony.

Overcoming the presence of mold in your house is not something that most homeowners get prepared to face. With the more that is understood about mold potentially causing health effects to the occupants of your house that become exposed to the colonies, taking care of the mold damages in your Pleasant Hill home has never seemed more critical. Fortunately, you are not facing this intruder alone.

Our experienced SERVPRO professionals can arrive quickly and begin the necessary steps to prevent the spread of mold and to cut off its food supply. To starve out the colony, the persistent moisture in the affected area needs to get resolved, and that means identifying the source of the problem and repairing this damage.

Did you know that mold spores exist microscopically in the air inside your home as well as outside? As many as 40 spores can fit across a human hair. Preventing the spread of these spores to other areas of your home from the colony is imperative to successful remediation. Our air scrubber with a HEPA filter can trap these microscopic spores and prevent them from finding a new surface to seat inside.

This description is only a small component of our entire involved remediation process, but these steps are essential to helping to isolate the problem and resolve the effects of the mold growth your home experiences. Our SERVPRO of North Lilburn certified applied microbial remediation technicians are always ready to help you overcome any of the obstacles that microbial growth in your home has allowed. Give us a call anytime you need us at (770) 709-3266.

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Why You Need Mitigation Services After A Fire Damage Event in Lilburn

5/27/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Why You Need Mitigation Services After A Fire Damage Event in Lilburn Fire damage is made up of smoke residues and can leave odors. Contact SERVPRO for quick service and efficient remediation.

Team SERVPRO Understands the Three Different Types of Fire Damage

If your structure experiences a fire, there are different types of fire damage which are likely to occur. If you do not treat the event with much seriousness, then it means you are likely to incur losses, and salvageable contents may end up being unsalvageable. The journey does not stop after extinguishing the fire; it is important to note that even the extinguishing agents may cause some destruction in your Lilburn home.

Let us begin by looking at the different kinds of fire damage in Lilburn that our SERVPRO technicians respond to. We have three types of fire damage - major, medium, and minor - and each requires unique restoration procedures. Major fires usually lead to severe destruction, and in most cases, the smoke residues move and occupy a large part of the structure. On the other hand, medium fires cause moderate destruction with minor ones causing damage to only certain parts of the structure.

Once our SERVPRO technicians arrive at the site, we offer mitigation services which help in securing the structure against further damage. Coming up with a temporary electrical source, winterizing the structure's plumbing system, and boarding up any existing openings is part of the work. If there are some water leaks or wetness as a result of the extinguishing agents, we can set up space heaters to dry the area.

Our SERVPRO team also performs cleaning procedures which target to remove the smoke residues from your contents. While in some cases it is possible to clean your items at the site, there are instances where it is necessary to move them to another location before the cleaning starts. We usually perform pack-outs when the site is not secure to allow on-site cleaning procedures. After cleaning, the smoke odors might still be present, and deodorization may be necessary. We perform this process using ULV foggers and thermal Foggers, with the fogs neutralizing odor-causing agents.

SERVPRO of North Lilburn is a trusted industry leader that performs storm, mold, water, and fire damage restoration. Call us at (770) 709-3266 if you need us to respond immediately and make it “Like it never even happened.”

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Pleasant Hill's Commercial Water Removal Technicians Discuss Hardwood Floors

5/9/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial  Pleasant Hill's Commercial Water Removal Technicians Discuss Hardwood Floors If an appliance or pipe causes water damage in your store, SERVPRO can restore the damage and work to keep your doors open.

SERVPRO Can Save Your Hardwood Floors and Keep Your Business Open after Water Damage

If a pipe or appliance malfunctions and water floods into your Pleasant Hill appliance store, excessive moisture can damage many items. Many appliance showroom floors have hardwood flooring in place. Since water flows with gravity, flooring materials are common items that get ruined during an issue involving water.

Whenever dealing with a business, measures should be taken to ensure that your company does not suffer due to restoration work. In many cases, during water removal in Pleasant Hill, our SERVPRO technicians change the way they complete work to keep the loss of revenue to your company at a minimum. We complete extra tasks to ensure that your store stays operating and that your products do not receive damage.

Hardwood floors do have a natural ability to withstand moisture better than softwoods. The nature of hardwoods enhances their ability to be restored when water damage occurs. Wood naturally buckles, cups, and warps, but the density of hardwoods can help them repel these effects.

When attempting to dry hardwood floors, we focus on preventing cupping, buckling, and warping from becoming permanent. We can use specialized drying equipment that puts air through a mat. The mat then evenly distributes the air into the flooring material, speeding up the evaporation process.

If drying takes place and the floors still show signs of warping or cupping, then restoration work on the floor occurs. Hardwood floors can be restored by sanding off the floor's finish, then sanding down further so that cupping and warping get removed. Sanding can only begin once the moisture level inside the material has dropped to 12%. If the floor gets sanded before moisture levels are low enough, then cupping and warping can occur as the remainder of the moisture dries after sanding took place. In some cases, hardwood floors take a month or two to acclimate after getting wet and warping.

If sanding and refinishing has to occur on your store's hardwood floor, it often gets done a small section at a time so your shop can stay open. When sanding occurs, we mask off areas and build containment chambers so that the rest of your appliance store does not get coated with dust. If you ever need help with wet hardwood floors in your business, call SERVPRO of North Lilburn at (770) 709-3266 24/7.

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Older Appliances Can Allow Flood Damages To Your Pleasant Hill Home

4/27/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Older Appliances Can Allow Flood Damages To Your Pleasant Hill Home SERVPRO Tip--Mitigate Flooding Damage from Appliance Failure in Your Pleasant Hill Home by Calling Us

SERVPRO Says Prevent Flooding and Water Damage in Pleasant Hill Residents with Appliance Inspections and Maintenance

While there might always be the present threat of flooding to your home, you might focus on the external risks that your home faces. While it is wise to take precautionary measures with preventing water penetration from the outside, you had already brought in several potential flood sources when you purchased the appliances for your house.

While the appliances within your Pleasant Hill home are not all destined to create flood damages for you to overcome, they are not built to last forever. Parts degrade and wear down over time, offering instances in which the supply of water to these specific appliances like your washing machine and dishwasher continue to fill indefinitely. Within only a few minutes, you can have a high volume of water throughout the room.

While turning off the water supply to these respective appliances is a simple process, in many cases, the damage can be extensive and widespread at this point. When our SERVPRO team arrives at your home, we get to work quickly in assessing the full scope of the damages that you face and the best approach to restore these issues.

Extraction is an essential component of the water damage cleanup and restoration process, as this paves the way for drying efforts and assessment of structural damages. The extraction typically involves the use of portable pumps and wet-vacs, but with higher volumes of water to combat, we could also employ a pump truck from our SERVPRO fleet.

Drying the area is another critical component, and it needs to be a thorough process. Many pieces of equipment often play a role in the efforts, from high-strength air movers to industrial grade dehumidification machines. Without entirely removing the moisture in the area, your home becomes susceptible to mold and fungal growth.

While you might not look at your appliances and see the kind of damage that they can do when they malfunction, servicing them on a regular basis can help to prevent some of this possibility. If you find yourself facing flood damages inside of your home, trust the experienced team we have at SERVPRO of North Lilburn to help you clean up the mess. You can reach us anytime by calling (770) 709-3266.

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Lilburn's Mold Damage Restoration Theories Explained

4/21/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Lilburn's Mold Damage Restoration Theories Explained Fungi requires an organic food source, moisture, and the ideal temperature to form and grow in your home.

SERVPRO is Here to Help Remediate Mold Damage Found in Your Home

There are many different problems that can cause a fungus to develop inside your Lilburn home. If water gets inside your building and you do not realize it, mold sometimes develops on organic materials inside your house. Sometimes slow water leaks drip small amounts of water onto an area for a long time creating the perfect environment for fungal growth.

Fungi need an organic food source, moisture, the ideal temperature, and time to grow and develop. SERVPRO's mold damage technicians in Lilburn study the behavior of mold to efficiently remediate issues caused by a fungus. Since mold can cause health effects with some people, many special precautions get taken so that the fungi do not spread across the home.

Most houses have a plethora of organic materials including drywall and wooden items. Many homes maintain a room temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit which provides a perfect temperature for the growth of most types of mold. Any time moisture is allowed to sit inside a structure for over 48 hours; a fungus now has its desired environment to survive and spread.

Visible mold comes from microscopic spores that form first. Once spores receive the desired amount of moisture and food, they grow structures called hyphae that extend down into the affected material, out across the affected surface and up into the air so that it can let off more spores. The spores produced by a fungus easily become airborne and float around the home until air flows cause them to settle and produce mold in another area of the home.

When our SERVPRO technicians mitigate any issue with fungi, they take many measures to prevent mold spores from spreading throughout the building. Before any work gets completed inside the affected area, a containment chamber gets set up around the perimeter of the room. The containment chamber consists of thick plastic that traps any spores released into the air during the restoration process.

A containment chamber has an air scrubber attached to it that sucks air into a HEPA filter and prevents the mold from spreading into other areas that did not get affected. Any time you notice the presence of mold in your home, call SERVPRO of North Lilburn at (770) 709-3266.

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Fighting Flash Flood Damage In Your Lilburn Residence

4/10/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Fighting Flash Flood Damage In Your Lilburn Residence When flooding occurs in your home, a fast reaction time can help you prevent irreparable damages and more costly repairs.

Fighting Flash Flood Damage

Many Lilburn homeowners are familiar with the possibility of severe weather systems that can roll in from the east coast and pick up speed as they hit land. This possibility puts the area in the line of several significant systems that can leave substantial damage in their wake. While these storms offer the concern of causing structural damages all on their own, the natural disasters that coincide with the heavy rainfall and oversaturated earth pose an even greater risk to homes in the area.

Flash flooding is something that every Lilburn homeowner should familiarize themselves with if they have not already fallen victim to flood damage in the past. While there might be little that you can do initially to prevent a flash flood from occurring, there are some precautionary measures that can get taken to ensure that your house can withstand the pressure of this external water attempting to get in.

Unfortunately, many people do not even realize that their home is at risk until the damage has already begun. Often the criminal in these cases is the foundation of your house, where mortar joints in the blockwork begin to degrade and weaken over time from the presence of external water in the ground. A small hole that you barely notice can allow significant water to pass through, not to mention this condition worsening as the flooding persists. Now is when SERVPRO comes in.

Our team of dedicated professionals can quickly identify the penetration points for flooding and seal up these spots with hydraulic cement, even if the water is still pouring through the gaps. Extraction of the affected area utilizes truck mounted pumps from the SERVPRO fleet along with portable pumps and wet vacs. Once the area is thoroughly dry using air movers and dehumidification equipment, we can assess any structural weaknesses that might require repair or removal.

When flooding occurs in your home, a fast reaction time can help you prevent irreparable damages and more costly repairs. You can always trust in our SERVPRO of North Lilburn team of professionals to help you clean up the mess and return your property to the way it used to be. Give us a call 24/7 at (770) 709-3266.

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Fire Damage Restoration Methods Used in Lilburn

3/30/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Restoration Methods Used in Lilburn Our SERVPRO team understands how smoke behaves and travels and which methods are best to restore your home.

SERVPRO’s Team Thoroughly Removes and Remediates Fire Damage in Your Home

Anytime a fire starts inside a building in Lilburn, heat, and smoke both possibly cause damage. The heat coming from the fire's flames many times burns materials or contents to the point where replacement is required. Smoke created by the blaze creates foul odors inside the structure and leaves behind soot residue.

When restoring the structure back to original conditions, multiple methods get used. SERVPRO's fire damage technicians in Lilburn know how smoke behaves inside a structure and which methods are best. Often, cleaning takes place instead of replacing or resurfacing materials to save your insurance company money.

A vital part of cleaning during any restoration job is deodorization. After the mitigation gets completed no more pungent odors should exist. Most foul aromas get eliminated when all affected materials and contents get removed or cleaned of all soot residue.

In other cases, burnt smells penetrate into porous materials and still exist after all soot has been cleaned. Deodorization is then the final step. There are a large number of chemicals that get applied in different methods that battle foul odors.

Sometimes specialized equipment gets used when applying deodorants. One way to apply deodorizing chemicals is to spray them onto affected surfaces. In many cases, chemicals get applied using a pump or electric hand sprayers. Many hand sprayers shoot chemicals out at pressure up to 50 psi.

In some situations when there is a dense amount of chemicals sprayed at one time, equipment is used to apply ventilation. Box fans sometimes get used to push out hazardous chemicals and create high-velocity air flow. Ventilation box fans generate airflow from 3,000 to 5,000 cubic feet of air per minute.

In other scenarios, ozone machines get used to pump unstable O3 particles into the air. The particles react with odor-causing molecules to oxide residues and remove odors. Ozone machines many times eliminate odors in contents and building materials after they received fire or smoke damage.

Various deodorant methods often get used to eliminate odors caused by different types of soot. For help removing soot and odors left behind by a fire, call SERVPRO of North Lilburn at any time of the day, any day of the week. (770) 709-3266

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Mold Damage Remediation Is Vital for Pleasant Hill Residents

3/22/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Remediation Is Vital for Pleasant Hill Residents Leaks Lead to Mold Damage in Pleasant Hill--Call SERVPRO for Remediation

SERVPRO Inspects, Remediates, and Makes Mold Problems a Thing of the Past

For mold damage to occur, the presence of moisture is a necessity. That means when materials made of wood products, ceiling tiles, wallpapers, some furnishings, and carpeting are moist, you should expect its growth. Though it is not possible to eliminate all mold spores from your Pleasant Hill property, it is vital to prevent it from growing and remove it when presen

Our SERVPRO technicians have the skills of assessing the level of mold damage in Pleasant Hill and develop an appropriate remediation plan. We start by performing a visual inspection, and during that time we identify possible mold problems and establish restoration strategies. The visual inspection involves checking out hidden places like behind wallboards, attics and crawl spaces. We also inspect wallpapers, baseboards, insulation, carpet padding and backing for any signs of mildew growth
It is also essential to check whether there is any dampness on your building's ventilation systems. We also pay attention to the system's overall cleanliness, check for mold growth on the fins/coils, insulation and filters. When detecting whether there is moisture in some materials, we use infrared cameras and moisture meters. To determine whether the source of water is active and if there is mold growth behind walls, we may use a borescope.
Our main aim during the remediation process is to clean or remove mold-damaged contents using procedures that protect the occupants and our SERVPRO IICRC certified AMRT team. When it is necessary to disturb the mold, we minimize the chances of migration and generation of mold and dust. We care for our safety and use respiratory protection and gloves as part of the personal protective equipment.
We perform HEPA-vacuuming or clean the work area using a detergent solution. As part of the remediation process, our SERVPRO technicians dry your property and might spot paint your walls using anti-microbial paints if it is necessary. We then ensure all the areas are free of debris, dust, and mold.
At SERVPRO of North Lilburn, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster whether it is water, storm, fire or mold-related damage. Call us at (770) 709-3266, and we can make your home appear "Like it never even happened."

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