Recent Before & After Photos

Commercial Water Damage – Lilburn Gym

Commercial water damage at this Lilburn locker room resulted from a supply line rupturing during the night. A great deal of fresh water was deposited on the loc... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Lilburn Office Building

Storm damage to this Lilburn office building resulted when high winds accompanying a severe thunderstorm breached the roof of the building allowing rainwater to... READ MORE

Mold Damage Renovation in a Lilburn Kitchen

The water that flooded this home was ignored long enough for mold colonies to ruin a large segment of the structure. The demolition of the fungi fused building ... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Lilburn Home

Fire damage at this Lilburn home was severe. The damage appeared irreversible to the homeowner and the insurance company. SERVPRO of North Lilburn was consulted... READ MORE

Water Damage – Lilburn Home

Water damage struck this Lilburn home when a water supply line that carried water in the subfloor of the second story developed a leak. The ceiling drywall beca... READ MORE

Flood in a Maintenance Area in Norcross

The back area of this maintenance building in Norcross suffered water damage from a broken water line. The potable water posed no health hazards since it was qu... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Lilburn Warehouse

Storm Damage flooded this large North Lilburn warehouse. The merchandise was primarily stacked on pallets, so it was temporarily safe. But, the water needed to ... READ MORE

Norcross Mold Damage

For a mold colony to begin to grow and then spread out, all it took was a dripping water line in the subfloor of this bedroom area. The moisture fed on the cell... READ MORE

Commercial Office Water Damage in Lilburn

This small real estate office in Lilburn was victimized by an overflowing sink that spilled out into the office space. To protect the particle board base desks ... READ MORE

Fire Damage - Norcross Electrical Fire

Fire damage erupted from an electrical malfunction at this Norcross home. No room escaped harm of some sort. The before photo shows the ravages of the fire, but... READ MORE