Recent Before & After Photos

Office Storm Damage in Pleasant Hill

Wind and rainstorms when breaching commercial building roofs can often result in damage depicted in this Before Photo. This damage could occur in Pleasant Hill,... READ MORE

Pleasant Hill Storm Damage to House

The problem with stormwater entry into private homes in the Pleasant Hill area is often the contaminants that are carried in with the flow. Often chemicals, pes... READ MORE

Catastrophic Fire Damage--Pleasant Hill Area

Fireplaces are pleasant and offer warmth in the winter months. However, without proper maintenance, non-working dampers, broken flues, and even damaged chimneys... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in a Pleasant Hill Attic

A damaged roof can often lead to a mold development, that if ignored or unknown, can expand and present a significant problem to Pleasant Hill Attics. Mold reme... READ MORE

Wind and Rainstorm Water Generate Damage--Lilburn

Strong winds, coupled with driving rain, can create a lot of havoc in a Lilburn structure. The roof, torn open needs a fast fix to prevent further soaking from ... READ MORE

Water Damage Cleanup in Lilburn

Commercial vinyl floors, tiled floors, or carpeting can all suffer the ill-effects of a water leak. In schools and commercial buildings in the Lilburn area, rap... READ MORE

Lilburn Wet Carpet and Wall

Not all water intrusions are dramatic and need to inconvenience homeowners in Lilburn in major ways. Small leaks from failed plumbing can wet a carpet and pad s... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Lilburn

Mold damage at this Lilburn residence covered both wood surfaces and hard surfaces. Typically, this mold would be removed by using a sanding machine or a wire b... READ MORE

Fire Damage to a Pleasant Hill House

Often a fire's flames damage select building materials in a Pleasant Hill home. When doors are compromised boarding up the exposed accesses to the house are cru... READ MORE

Storm, Black Water, and Restoration in Pleasant Hill

Not only do stormwaters physically damage building materials within a house, but the contaminated water must be dealt with safely and quickly. Debris, chemicals... READ MORE